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Whether you look after a traditional garden, an allotment, a community space or a window box, Hintons has something for you. Fruit and vegetables, herbs, shrubs, perennials, trees, seasonal bedding – we grow them all. And if you're looking for something different – we can offer spectacular specimen plants; Tree Ferns, giant palms and even Woollemi Pines which date back to Prehistoric times.

Many of our plants end up in landscape schemes and planting plans. Growing them on site means people can come and choose what they like. Our staff will be happy to walk round with you advising on what will and won't work in that difficult spot in the garden!



Most of us garden for interest, relaxation or to eat what we grow. Hintons works hard to offer its customers as wide a range as possible. 

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At Hintons we try out new shrubs, perennials, bedding plants and fruit every year.

Hintons has become increasingly focused on  unusual varieties of plants, fruit and vegetables. And again every year we increase the range, for example, this year we grew well over 150 different types of vegetables for you to plant out in your garden or in pots. We also like to grow plants other places don't. 

And if you have a particular problem area or type of soil, there are areas dedicated to conditions such as shade, sun, acid, water-logged or clay soils.

We also have turf from at different times between April and September and various loose grass seeds.

cottage garden plants at Hintons Nursery digitalis at Hintons Nursery

Specialist Plants

At Hintons we also grow more unusual plants such as Embothrium, Crocus sativis (Saffron Crocus), Honeyberries and Asian Pears.

For more details, visit Specialist Plants.

Seeds, Bulbs, Sundries & Bird Food

If you want to ‘grow your own’ – there’s a great selection of seeds and bulbs, as well as seed potatoes, onion sets, garlic and shallots.

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And if you're buying an established plant - most will benefit from a bit of extra help to get them started. We offer a range of pre-packed and loose fertilisers – including some organic – suitable for planting or annual feeding. We also stock a wide range of products to deal with pests and diseases and we are happy to provide advice on product selection.
Making sure you use the right compost for the right plant is important...
We stock traditional peat-based, reduced peat and peat-free composts, as well as specialist ranges. If you need help to choose, tell us what you’re trying to do and we’ll make sure you give your plants the best possible start. 
Encouraging native wildlife into your garden is not only great fun to watch, but it has fantastic benefits too. Birds, frogs and hedgehogs can keep pest levels down, while pollinators such as butterflies and bees ensure that fruits are set at the end of the season to feed a host of other animals and insects.
We have a selection of loose wild bird foods, feeders, nest boxes and bird tables and if you're lucky enough to have some of our rarer wildlife visit your garden, we also stock owl and bat boxes. If mini-beasts are more your thing, why not consider an insect tower or solitary bee hive? Bring a little more life into your garden!

Special Orders

Where plants and other items are not grown on site, we will endeavour to source them for our customers, and in some cases can even grow them especially. Please contact us for more details.

Gifts & Gift Vouchers

If you're looking for a gift for someone, why not it gift-wrapped.

We also stock Gift Vouchers, both our own and National Garden Gift Vouchers.